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Portland Houseless Radicals Collective

We are a leaderless collective of individuals mostly anarchists, all anti-fascists, some have worked in non-profit houseless services all have been or are houseless. Though our experiences we have all concluded that government and social services making decisions about what is best for us, the houseless, is flawed and destructive.

Laws and regulations are passed regularly which they claim will make our lives better. This is always a lie. Laws, regulations and city ordances are always designed to benefit the classist home and business owners who view us as undesirable. Most recently the city of Portland has decided we are to be concentrated into their camps where they choose.

We can do better for ourselves making our own choices about our own lives.

  • We will not be told where we cannot exist.
  • We will bring the houseless together, through colectivising. Giving us the ability to organize a union and make our own decisions.
  • We will assist ongoing efforts by our housed comrades to prevent sweeps of established camps.
  • We will practice principles of mutual aid and build communities. We will promote anarchist socialist ideas as a means to support one another.
  • We will not allow our rights as human beings to be degraded due to our financial and housing status.
  • We will show up to defend anyone else who’s rights are being violated and stand against fascists wherever they are.

By houseless people embracing collectivism and mutual aid we will be able to make decisions and take actions which will more effectively benefit us as well as the greater community as a whole.

Current Actions & Projects

Distro, meals and Needle Exchange

New and current site for food distro and exchange.

Until this summer we had been at our home base Fallout Camp working on the location making improvements and building necessary infrastructures for it to sustain many more people. We we’re also doing on demand and twice weekly scheduled distro of gear and needle exchange. You can scroll down to Ongoing and Future Actions/Projects to read more about Fallout Camp. Long story short is that we were forced to temporarily relocate for the season due to concern over wildfires by city council.

The night these pictures were taken Portland police murdered a houseless person in crisis. They had many non lethal options

Ongoing and Future Actions/Projects

Fallout Camp

Fallout Camp is our home base. It’s located in the city near transit but out of the way in a forest. When there you forget your in a major US city. It’s named for the abandoned underground fallout shelter in sits above.

We begin working making improvements, many to curb our impact on the environment such as erosion control on the trails. Credit fire much of that work goes to comrade and Fallout resident Alyx, they were up early mornings working on trail maintenance. We also have been building infrastructure so as to be able to accommodate a larger campsite. This includes outhouse, showers and camping areas. The goal is to be able to accommodate the coming influx of houseless people when eviction moratorium end. As well as increased sweeps by the city. We had until early summer couple been hosting a weekly potluck at camp as well.

The way city council pulled it off they no longer needed to give notice to us before posting and removing Fallout Camp. We anticipated their arrival and moved. We it was good we has because when they came to Fallout camp they came in force. They got the idea someplace that we may not go willingly. Can’t imagine where they got that idea from.

A return Fallout Camp is coming soon. – It appears we have some comited individuals and organizations that are willing to help out in meaningful ways. That’s all we can say about Fallout Camp for now.

First Fallout Camp potluck flyer
One of our sweeps defence flyrers

One ongoing area we organize around is camp defence. We don’t feel the city has the right to remove people from their homes and community, which they do through violent tactics. We try, although it’s hard when people feel so broken and hopeless, to rally other houseless people to defend themselves. We explain that they don’t need to do anything if they don’t want do not would they be the ones facing any criminal charges. They only need to stay inside while us and our comrades prevent the police and city contractors from waging violence to remove them. Sometimes a force must be met as they are. In a militant fashion if that’s what they choose.

This is what we are currently working on with several camp sights in outer SE. It seems like maybe they (city & RR) are not wanting to possibly go toe to toe because after posting and looking for support they never showed to post and have stayed quiet. This isn’t the first time this has happened. We’re not sure what their strategy is but if there hope is that people will loose interest or move on, that may be a effective strategy. Its not so much loosening interest in helping but even we can’t stay here forever.

We stand in solidarity with people worldwide fighting for equality, social justice, green initiatives, anti fascism, anti imperialism/land back, and the struggle for a rulerless classless borderless socialist society.

Check out the article in Street Roots about Fallout Camp and our collective

2nd letter regarding our driveway

Fallout Camp45.5006164, -122.5538454Portland, Or. 97266503-421-0155 Info@pdxhrc.org  July 15th 2021 City of Portland’s Overlords,      We previously sent an email titled “Dying of Thirst” a couple of weeks ago after speaking to a park employee concerning access to haul water and other supplies to our home being imperative for our survival due to many of us being physicallyContinue reading “2nd letter regarding our driveway”

PDX Houseless Radicals Collective

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  1. You guys are awesome. No one is looking at homeless issues the way you guys are and for sure aren’t taking the necessary direct actions. The class War is coming if its not already arrived and the example your setting, although only a start will be an inspiration to other poor people across North America. The lower class in the 3rd world has been fighting for generations. once the first world joins the struggle we will be unstoppable.

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