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We are a leaderless collective of individuals mostly anarchists, all anti-fascists, some have worked in non-profit houseless services all have been or are houseless. Though our experiences we have all concluded that government and social services making decisions about what is best for us, the houseless, is flawed and destructive.

Laws and regulations are passed regularly which they claim will make our lives better. This is always a lie. Laws, regulations and city ordances are always designed to benefit the classist home and business owners who view us as undesirable. Most recently the city of Portland has decided we are to be concentrated into their camps where they choose.

We aim to resist and uplift eachother.

  • We will not be told where we cannot exist.
  • We will bring the houseless together, through collectivising. Giving us the ability to organize a union and make our own decicions.
  • We will assist ongoing efforts by our housed comrades to prevent sweeps of established camps.
  • We will practice principles of mutual aid and build communities. We will promote anarchist socialist ideas as a means to support one another.
  • We will not allow our rights as human beings to be degraded due to our financial and housing status.
  • We will show up to defend anyone else who’s rights are being violated and stand against fascists wherever they are.

By houseless people embracing collectivism and mutual aid we will be able to make decisions and take actions which will more effectively benefit us as well as the greater community as a whole.

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We stand in solidarity with people worldwide fighting for equality, social justice, green initiatives, anti fascism, anti imperialism/land back, and the struggle for a rulerless classless borderless socialist society.