One year after the George Floyd Murder

On May 25th 2020 Derrek Chauvin murdered George Floyd in full view of not only the public but his fellow officers whose responsibility it is to prevent crimes such as murder. George Floyd cried out for his mother. Chauvin believed he would never suffer any consequences, why would he.

Beginning that night people of all ages and races who had seen this pig murder another human being decided they were not going to allow this crime to go unpunished, again. They took to the streets of Minneapolis, they employed violence. They used violence and vandalism as a tactic because peacefully protesting had only resulted in the murders of more unarmed black people. The next day a few activists here in Portland occupied the steps at the justice center in a show of solidarity. More of us came out to join them hundreds, then thousands. Property was damaged. The political pundits cried foul “Violence is never the answer” they said. They said we were harming the movement.

After Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman in 2012 dozens of states passed the same laws which allowed that murder to go unpunished by turning white fear of black people into self defense. Police murdering black people not out of fear but their racist beliefs causes black and brown Americans to be afraid, as a white American it scares me for my black and brown comrades. Thats real fear. We take to the streets and fight out of self defense.

We are born in a United States founded and built on the backs of black slaves. 100 years after slavery ended our parents or grandparents took to the street in defense to say enough is enough. The murders continued.

We have had enough. We will not allow you to continue to murder and suffer no consequences. That pig in Minneapolis suffered some consequences. He’ll die in prison because we defended our community, by any means necessary. Hit us, gas us, arrest us you can even kill us as you have done already. This will not end until the murders ends.

To those in their privileged seats of power, to the pigs in the street. We will not surrender. If you do not stand with us, you will be on the wrong side of history. The revolution has begun.

Portland Houseless Radicals Collective

On another topic we are in need of cash donations. We keep a fund for collective expenses and to get things requested by houseless neighbors. Donations can still be given through cashapp $radicalcamping and now also with credit and debit cards, just go to the donations page in the menu. It only takes a handful giving what they can. As always supplies can be brought to Fallout Camp and your all always welcome to came hang out anytime, Thanks.

Fallout Camp Journal #2

Our time here at Fallout camp the last month or so has been pretty amazing. We have done some usefull work to make the place liveable, made new friends, Cooper tried to make coyote friends (fail), told some cops to fuck off, told some other varietie of cops to fuck off, they all fucked off and saw lots of folks from the community come through to pitch in with supplies and doing their own projects. My best days here so far have been the days when comrades, some new some old, have come just to hang out by the fire and bullshit with us. I would love to see some more of that. I would Iove to see this be a place where folks come relax and hang. When your here you quickly forget that your in the middle of a major city with all the bullshit that goes with it. There are still reminders however. Every morning waking up and comming out of my tent the first thing I see is the huge gouge cut into the side of the butte where for 40 years Portland’s poorest, most powerless and Iikely houseless citizens were forced to quarry rocks by hand to make the gravel to build roads for the rich to drive their cars, a new expensive toy at the time the Kelly Butte jail was opened to house these modern- day slaves. When I come and go I pass the reminents of the bomd shelter, Portland’s working class paid over $600,000 for with their tax $ a ton of money in 1952, so the citys elite could ride out armageddon in comfort. These are just two of the reasons we feel this mostly unused public land should be claimed for and by this city’s poorest citizens who just need a safe place to put a tent and build community. We all deserve more then that, we all deserve actual housing as a human right. Since that looks extreamly fucking unlikely to happen is a small patch of unused woods really so much to ask for? We’re not even suggesting they spend any money of do any work, we’re willing to raise the funds and do the work.

Currently were trying to figure out where we go from here. Concensus seems to be that we should start getting out in the surrounding comunity to provide aid to our houselass neighbors. Fallout has the potential to do good for alot of people. However there are some things which are out of our control which need to happen before people from outside our circle join as well as some planning that needs to happen between us and others intrested in becoming involved with mutual and efforts here. In the meantime we’re going to try to focus on becoming a distribution point did the area houseless community. There isn’t much out this way as far as services. But that’s doing anything to get people aid right now. I have some personal feelings about this neighborhood. I spent most of my 20s and half my 30s houseless, both useing and selling heroin to many of the same people we would be trying to provide aid to. I caused untold damage to the people here houseless and otherwise through my actions. I still have someone’s mother message me every year to tell me I murdered her son and my close friend. Whether or not someone’s overdose is murder on my part I’m not sure and it doesn’t really matter. I do bear that weight regardless and have for many years and it hurts.

We’re starting work on some old features of the butte’s past lives and repurposing them for storage. Some comrades are working on getting a pantry started here to provide food to anyone in the community who needs it. I am hoping those reading this will do what they can to donate camping gear, clothes and anything else that is needed when living outside. We have everything we need to be as comfortable as we can be living outside and are doing so by choice. Our theory being that we can better accomplish our goals as part of the houseless community rather then outsiders. We appreciate the delivers of firewood, water and other things that are rapidly consumed at Fallout. Myself being disabled and living with little income am very grateful for our friends who have been making sure we stay supplied, also for the help getting waste back out and disposed of. As I said please donate what you can and we’ll get it to where it can make a difference while providing opertunity to engage with everyone, finding allies in the housed neighbors will be valuable when the time comes as well.

Cash donations are always needed CashApp $radicalcamping, Credit/debit. We’re more flexible with money in the mutual aid fund. We like to be able to say what do you need we’ll get it for you, rather then offering what is on hand. If your able you can bring things directly to Fallout if not message me and someone can meet you at the road to bring stuff up. Click Donate in the menu for more information. Also please come over whenever you feel like it and hang out. It’s makes us really happy when people come up for nothing else but to say hello.

I also want to say goodbye to our comrade and friend Badger. I’m going to miss our strange conversations and humor no one else gets. I’ll forever think of you when yelling at the pigs. Save some of those so cal windows for when I come visit.

Needed Supplies and Service @ Fallout Camp

We have reached a point at Fallout Camp where there’s not a lot to do other then maintaining our camp until more people are ready to move in. At the moment we’re shifting our focus on aiding the immediate needs of our houseless neighbors, making people aware of Fallout and the possibilities. We’ve updated the list to reflect our current focus. Items in bold are needed to distribute to houseless neighbors.

Supplies Needed

  • Firewood
  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags/Blankets
  • Flashlights/Lanterns
  • First Aid/Hygiene


  • Toilets Emptied, we’ll do the handling but need a ride to Troutdale to the free blackwater dump once or twice a week depending on use. Could dump in port o potty too I suppose. Open to better solution then chemical toilet but it’s what we have for now.
  • General transportation to fill water jugs and get food.

Home Camp Journal #1

This will be a ongoing series of posts for anyone interested in progress on our campsite project.


We finally made it to the location of what, for now, we are referring to as “Home Camp.” We delayed the project to help out at Laurelhurst Park — which we’re happy to have done, and grateful to have been invited. We’ll be here working, unless we’re staying at another camp helping out. This will be our home base, hence the name. We spent a couple days looking for and picking a location for the collective to camp that will also work as a communal kitchen area with room nearby for toilets and showers.

Right now we are experimenting with different options for showers and toilets. A housed comrade donated a camp shower which I will test out soon, as I haven’t showered in over two weeks. (Honestly I could give a shit if I’m dirty, but others do, so…) The place we picked is close to where folks can set up (unless they want to be alone in the woods, which I get, as I prefer to be alone much of the time). The area can take a lot of tents. There’s plenty of space for anyone to set up, for whatever they need outdoor space for.

Of course, there is not enough space for nearly enough people, and even if there was, people are in the neighborhood they’re in because that’s their neighborhood. We’re not claiming this will solve the overall issues. So protecting camps from sweeps will remain an important area for organizing. What we hope to accomplish — other than creating a safe and sustainable site for a large number of folks to build community in — is to create a public discussion and show that community coming together without the state can create solutions that work for everyone.

This is absolutely the part I hate, but we need money. Our collective and mutual aid fund is down to about $30. We use this fund only for the projects and actions we are working on. As individuals we have our own sources of income, some of which we put into the collective and mutual aid fund. Any amount donated is appreciated, and if we can return the favor in any way, we are happy to do so. Even 5 bucks adds up if enough people give. You can donate at $radicalcamping on Cash App.

City Council Chooses Not To Improve The Lives Of Houseless, again.

Recently Portland City Council set out to introduce new rules concerning where and how houseless citizens of Portland could set up multi-dwelling camps. These types of camps can function as a community where houseless people can better work together to have their needs met and even change their situation for the better. For a little while, it looked as if WarCrimeWheeler and his city council, might do something that would help the city’s houseless. You already know that’s too good to be true, because after protests from fascist adjacent activist groups the city will instead be concentrating the city’s homeless into camps administrated by the city.

Who’s protesting helping the houseless? Don’t liberal Portlanders opposed them? You would think that in the liberal Portland where citizens show up in the 1000s to oppose neo-fascists like v the Proud Boys there would be opposition to people trying to oppress their most vulnerable populations. However, there has been an ongoing effort by people like classist and probably fascist Angela Todd, police union leader Daryl Turner and the group Montivilla Initiative, who in the past sued the already toxic Montivilla Neighborhood Association over, not being terrible enough? Oh and accusations ofv election fraud because, of course.

So who are these people? A local activist I spoke to summed up the group and specifically prominent member Angela Todd far better then i could, pathetic excuse for a journalist that I am.

“she’s someone who is highly invested in meaningless platitudes like being “kind” to the houseless while shamelessly supporting anti-houseless vigilantism and increased policing of these populations. For years, she has worked to hijack the very real concern Portlanders have for this on going crisis for her cartoonishly carceral fantasies of “safety.” In no way has she ever meaningfully proven carceral solutions to the housing crisis work but few have ever had the chance to put these hard questions to her ideas because her ideas are never on trial, it’s always someone else’s fault. Angela’s indirect ties to right wing media figures like Lars Larsen and Andy Ngo make her a dangerous political pundit on the issue of houselessness and enemy to the great work of local organizers to defund the sweeps and surveillance of unhoused populations. Specific to Portland too, she courts city based and conservative leaning media outlets who fawn over her misleading platitudes and falsely naive quotes which I believe has contributed to the confusion the local liberals and centrists on issues of houselessness. At worst, her activism is a dog whistle to the regressive right wing imagination and has already once stoked up a wave of anti houseless and anti sex worker vigilantism. Her strategic new partnerships to Portland Police Association leader Daryl Turner poses a security risk to our movements and makes her an actually meaningful political force, not just a tacky interior designer with a loud mouth. She was (allegedly) involved in the slandering of JoAnn for false accusations of a hit and run most likely leaked by the former Portland Police Association leader so she excitedly uses these privileges to lie about her political enemies with no consequences. Angela Todd I believe is one of the most dangerous people in Portland because of what she stands for. Dont overlook how effective her tactics are or what she represents”.

Local Activist

Todd emerged into the local hate enthusiasts community in 2017 when anti-fascist activist Micah Fletcher ran for the board it Montivilla Neighborhood Association and other activists showed interest in joining the Association. There was a split which gave birth to Montivilla Initiative who begin forming “foot patrols” to harass houseless people. The groups members, out of their hatred of houseless people led the charge against lawful camping in city parks under the guise of wanting more humane treatment of the houseless. There are relationships between Todd and right wing “journalists like Andy Ngo. Honestly there is way more behind these people then I realized I don’t have time to research and write on right now. I will and write more about it in the future.

City Council Assures Citizens There Will Be No Houseless People Camping In Parks

Mar 26th 2021

Portland city council has been meeting to discuss proposed changes to City laws dealing with shelters and homeless camps. Citizens have expressed concern, while at the same time pretending like they give a shit for our well being, about camps popping up in parks and natural areas. During a city council meeting on Wednesday council members assured them that wasn’t going to happen.

The proposal makes changes to many laws which loosens some regulations. However it only allows camping at sites which are managed by the city or a approved non-profit agency and cannot be located on public land. This means that once again where we are allowed to exist is being limited as usual. Why is it that government feels that they have the absolute right to control one of our most basic rights. The right to freedom of movement. Telling us we must live concentrated into a camp of their choosing, forcing us to live with people we may not get along with. This takes away more of our dignity, and it’s all done to satisfy the classist homeowners who don’t want to see those they view as “undesirable”.

The main reason the council is sighting as justification is the issue of sanitation. Which is a completely valid concern. It’s a concern of ours as well. Our mission is to create safer mutual aid based communities for people experiencing houselessness. Part of safer as we see it is building sanitation systems for trash and for human waist. We’re looking for solutions for fresh water storage so that we can clean ourselves without using a unsanitary shower shared with 100 other people like what’s currently available. The government has failed in all It’s past efforts to “deal with” the houseless “problem” and we no longer ask for or want their help when all we’ve gotten in the past is a loss of our dignity and a bad case of athletes foot.

PDXHRC isn’t interested in placating anyone’s classist feelings of entitlement. No one is entitled to ANYTHING more than anyone else is. The parks in the city of Portland belong to us houseless people just as much as anyone else. We don’t have a problem with anyone else enjoying them with us.

Bernard PDXHRC

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Rose City Downtown Collective?

I was doing some Googling awhile back, looking for other collectives – past or present – with similar goals as we have and ran across this: I got a excited, then confused and then just pissed off. There’s plenty of toxic opinions about the demonstrations trying to make you shed tears for the poor capitalists who had their windows broken. There’s already plenty of that bullshit going around. Never mind the fact these people seem to be masquerading as some kind of radical organizers, I don’t think their fooling anyone. What really bothers me is the very first bullet point on their outline to save downtown.

“Compassionate and effective care for our streets and the houseless population.”

-Scumbag capitalist

I think I’m not alone in thinking that these dicks are not who should be formulating any plans that target myself and my houseless comrades downtown. This is nothing new. I learned early on not only in PDX but most everywhere I’ve been through my travels that the downtown area is usually only good for harassment from the most classist factions in town. Not all of us, for various reasons, have the luxury to NOT reside downtown however. The part that bothers me most is this:

“Encourage the movement of individuals toward services provided by low barrier shelters and enclosures and or moved to the Convention Center or other designated safe locations similar to or an expansion of Dignity Village. The bottom line is that there need to be safe options available for these Portlanders.”

-Some other scumbag capitalist

We whole heartedly agree that we need “designated safe locations”. What we don’t agree with is the underlying message which says “we will force the houseless population anywhere but here whether they want to go or not.” I’m not trying to shit on Dignity Village, not any more than is necessary, but sadly it’s not the revolutionary experimental community it once was and not a solution for near enough people. There’s all sorts of terrible not solutions in this supposed collectives plan. In the end it’s all dog whistles for more police and less “undesirables” These selfish capitalists can’t be allowed to call the shots. If I need advice on harming vulnerable population some day. I’ll be sure to keep these guys in mind.

Bernard, Houseless Radicals Collective

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