Rose City Downtown Collective?

I was doing some Googling awhile back, looking for other collectives – past or present – with similar goals as we have and ran across this: I got a excited, then confused and then just pissed off. There’s plenty of toxic opinions about the demonstrations trying to make you shed tears for the poor capitalists who had their windows broken. There’s already plenty of that bullshit going around. Never mind the fact these people seem to be masquerading as some kind of radical organizers, I don’t think their fooling anyone. What really bothers me is the very first bullet point on their outline to save downtown.

“Compassionate and effective care for our streets and the houseless population.”

-Scumbag capitalist

I think I’m not alone in thinking that these dicks are not who should be formulating any plans that target myself and my houseless comrades downtown. This is nothing new. I learned early on not only in PDX but most everywhere I’ve been through my travels that the downtown area is usually only good for harassment from the most classist factions in town. Not all of us, for various reasons, have the luxury to NOT reside downtown however. The part that bothers me most is this:

“Encourage the movement of individuals toward services provided by low barrier shelters and enclosures and or moved to the Convention Center or other designated safe locations similar to or an expansion of Dignity Village. The bottom line is that there need to be safe options available for these Portlanders.”

-Some other scumbag capitalist

We whole heartedly agree that we need “designated safe locations”. What we don’t agree with is the underlying message which says “we will force the houseless population anywhere but here whether they want to go or not.” I’m not trying to shit on Dignity Village, not any more than is necessary, but sadly it’s not the revolutionary experimental community it once was and not a solution for near enough people. There’s all sorts of terrible not solutions in this supposed collectives plan. In the end it’s all dog whistles for more police and less “undesirables” These selfish capitalists can’t be allowed to call the shots. If I need advice on harming vulnerable population some day. I’ll be sure to keep these guys in mind.

Bernard, Houseless Radicals Collective

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Published by Bernard

Member of the Houseless Radicals Collective of so-called Portland, OR. Anarchist, anti-fascist, houseless advocate, houseless by choice

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