City Council Chooses Not To Improve The Lives Of Houseless, again.

Recently Portland City Council set out to introduce new rules concerning where and how houseless citizens of Portland could set up multi-dwelling camps. These types of camps can function as a community where houseless people can better work together to have their needs met and even change their situation for the better. For a little while, it looked as if WarCrimeWheeler and his city council, might do something that would help the city’s houseless. You already know that’s too good to be true, because after protests from fascist adjacent activist groups the city will instead be concentrating the city’s homeless into camps administrated by the city.

Who’s protesting helping the houseless? Don’t liberal Portlanders opposed them? You would think that in the liberal Portland where citizens show up in the 1000s to oppose neo-fascists like v the Proud Boys there would be opposition to people trying to oppress their most vulnerable populations. However, there has been an ongoing effort by people like classist and probably fascist Angela Todd, police union leader Daryl Turner and the group Montivilla Initiative, who in the past sued the already toxic Montivilla Neighborhood Association over, not being terrible enough? Oh and accusations ofv election fraud because, of course.

So who are these people? A local activist I spoke to summed up the group and specifically prominent member Angela Todd far better then i could, pathetic excuse for a journalist that I am.

“she’s someone who is highly invested in meaningless platitudes like being “kind” to the houseless while shamelessly supporting anti-houseless vigilantism and increased policing of these populations. For years, she has worked to hijack the very real concern Portlanders have for this on going crisis for her cartoonishly carceral fantasies of “safety.” In no way has she ever meaningfully proven carceral solutions to the housing crisis work but few have ever had the chance to put these hard questions to her ideas because her ideas are never on trial, it’s always someone else’s fault. Angela’s indirect ties to right wing media figures like Lars Larsen and Andy Ngo make her a dangerous political pundit on the issue of houselessness and enemy to the great work of local organizers to defund the sweeps and surveillance of unhoused populations. Specific to Portland too, she courts city based and conservative leaning media outlets who fawn over her misleading platitudes and falsely naive quotes which I believe has contributed to the confusion the local liberals and centrists on issues of houselessness. At worst, her activism is a dog whistle to the regressive right wing imagination and has already once stoked up a wave of anti houseless and anti sex worker vigilantism. Her strategic new partnerships to Portland Police Association leader Daryl Turner poses a security risk to our movements and makes her an actually meaningful political force, not just a tacky interior designer with a loud mouth. She was (allegedly) involved in the slandering of JoAnn for false accusations of a hit and run most likely leaked by the former Portland Police Association leader so she excitedly uses these privileges to lie about her political enemies with no consequences. Angela Todd I believe is one of the most dangerous people in Portland because of what she stands for. Dont overlook how effective her tactics are or what she represents”.

Local Activist

Todd emerged into the local hate enthusiasts community in 2017 when anti-fascist activist Micah Fletcher ran for the board it Montivilla Neighborhood Association and other activists showed interest in joining the Association. There was a split which gave birth to Montivilla Initiative who begin forming “foot patrols” to harass houseless people. The groups members, out of their hatred of houseless people led the charge against lawful camping in city parks under the guise of wanting more humane treatment of the houseless. There are relationships between Todd and right wing “journalists like Andy Ngo. Honestly there is way more behind these people then I realized I don’t have time to research and write on right now. I will and write more about it in the future.

Published by Bernard

Member of the Houseless Radicals Collective of so-called Portland, OR. Anarchist, anti-fascist, houseless advocate, houseless by choice

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