Home Camp Journal #1

This will be a ongoing series of posts for anyone interested in progress on our campsite project.


We finally made it to the location of what, for now, we are referring to as “Home Camp.” We delayed the project to help out at Laurelhurst Park — which we’re happy to have done, and grateful to have been invited. We’ll be here working, unless we’re staying at another camp helping out. This will be our home base, hence the name. We spent a couple days looking for and picking a location for the collective to camp that will also work as a communal kitchen area with room nearby for toilets and showers.

Right now we are experimenting with different options for showers and toilets. A housed comrade donated a camp shower which I will test out soon, as I haven’t showered in over two weeks. (Honestly I could give a shit if I’m dirty, but others do, so…) The place we picked is close to where folks can set up (unless they want to be alone in the woods, which I get, as I prefer to be alone much of the time). The area can take a lot of tents. There’s plenty of space for anyone to set up, for whatever they need outdoor space for.

Of course, there is not enough space for nearly enough people, and even if there was, people are in the neighborhood they’re in because that’s their neighborhood. We’re not claiming this will solve the overall issues. So protecting camps from sweeps will remain an important area for organizing. What we hope to accomplish — other than creating a safe and sustainable site for a large number of folks to build community in — is to create a public discussion and show that community coming together without the state can create solutions that work for everyone.

This is absolutely the part I hate, but we need money. Our collective and mutual aid fund is down to about $30. We use this fund only for the projects and actions we are working on. As individuals we have our own sources of income, some of which we put into the collective and mutual aid fund. Any amount donated is appreciated, and if we can return the favor in any way, we are happy to do so. Even 5 bucks adds up if enough people give. You can donate at $radicalcamping on Cash App.

Published by Bernard

Member of the Houseless Radicals Collective of so-called Portland, OR. Anarchist, anti-fascist, houseless advocate, houseless by choice

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