Fallout Camp Journal #2

Our time here at Fallout camp the last month or so has been pretty amazing. We have done some usefull work to make the place liveable, made new friends, Cooper tried to make coyote friends (fail), told some cops to fuck off, told some other varietie of cops to fuck off, they all fucked off and saw lots of folks from the community come through to pitch in with supplies and doing their own projects. My best days here so far have been the days when comrades, some new some old, have come just to hang out by the fire and bullshit with us. I would love to see some more of that. I would Iove to see this be a place where folks come relax and hang. When your here you quickly forget that your in the middle of a major city with all the bullshit that goes with it. There are still reminders however. Every morning waking up and comming out of my tent the first thing I see is the huge gouge cut into the side of the butte where for 40 years Portland’s poorest, most powerless and Iikely houseless citizens were forced to quarry rocks by hand to make the gravel to build roads for the rich to drive their cars, a new expensive toy at the time the Kelly Butte jail was opened to house these modern- day slaves. When I come and go I pass the reminents of the bomd shelter, Portland’s working class paid over $600,000 for with their tax $ a ton of money in 1952, so the citys elite could ride out armageddon in comfort. These are just two of the reasons we feel this mostly unused public land should be claimed for and by this city’s poorest citizens who just need a safe place to put a tent and build community. We all deserve more then that, we all deserve actual housing as a human right. Since that looks extreamly fucking unlikely to happen is a small patch of unused woods really so much to ask for? We’re not even suggesting they spend any money of do any work, we’re willing to raise the funds and do the work.

Currently were trying to figure out where we go from here. Concensus seems to be that we should start getting out in the surrounding comunity to provide aid to our houselass neighbors. Fallout has the potential to do good for alot of people. However there are some things which are out of our control which need to happen before people from outside our circle join as well as some planning that needs to happen between us and others intrested in becoming involved with mutual and efforts here. In the meantime we’re going to try to focus on becoming a distribution point did the area houseless community. There isn’t much out this way as far as services. But that’s doing anything to get people aid right now. I have some personal feelings about this neighborhood. I spent most of my 20s and half my 30s houseless, both useing and selling heroin to many of the same people we would be trying to provide aid to. I caused untold damage to the people here houseless and otherwise through my actions. I still have someone’s mother message me every year to tell me I murdered her son and my close friend. Whether or not someone’s overdose is murder on my part I’m not sure and it doesn’t really matter. I do bear that weight regardless and have for many years and it hurts.

We’re starting work on some old features of the butte’s past lives and repurposing them for storage. Some comrades are working on getting a pantry started here to provide food to anyone in the community who needs it. I am hoping those reading this will do what they can to donate camping gear, clothes and anything else that is needed when living outside. We have everything we need to be as comfortable as we can be living outside and are doing so by choice. Our theory being that we can better accomplish our goals as part of the houseless community rather then outsiders. We appreciate the delivers of firewood, water and other things that are rapidly consumed at Fallout. Myself being disabled and living with little income am very grateful for our friends who have been making sure we stay supplied, also for the help getting waste back out and disposed of. As I said please donate what you can and we’ll get it to where it can make a difference while providing opertunity to engage with everyone, finding allies in the housed neighbors will be valuable when the time comes as well.

Cash donations are always needed CashApp $radicalcamping, Credit/debit. We’re more flexible with money in the mutual aid fund. We like to be able to say what do you need we’ll get it for you, rather then offering what is on hand. If your able you can bring things directly to Fallout if not message me and someone can meet you at the road to bring stuff up. Click Donate in the menu for more information. Also please come over whenever you feel like it and hang out. It’s makes us really happy when people come up for nothing else but to say hello.

I also want to say goodbye to our comrade and friend Badger. I’m going to miss our strange conversations and humor no one else gets. I’ll forever think of you when yelling at the pigs. Save some of those so cal windows for when I come visit.

Published by Bernard

Member of the Houseless Radicals Collective of so-called Portland, OR. Anarchist, anti-fascist, houseless advocate, houseless by choice

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