2nd letter regarding our driveway

Fallout Camp
45.5006164, -122.5538454
Portland, Or. 97266

July 15th 2021

City of Portland’s Overlords, 

    We previously sent an email titled “Dying of Thirst” a couple of weeks ago after speaking to a park employee concerning access to haul water and other supplies to our home being imperative for our survival due to many of us being physically disabled. In my case, not being able to access the road to our home affects my terminal condition and will shorten the already short time which I have to live.

     The following day (a day before the start of the record-setting heat wave), someone from the city presumably saw an opportunity to reduce the number of homeless people in Portland by way of denying us access to water by blocking access to the only road in or out of where we live. In one instance, these efforts were almost successful, as one of our residents required emergency attention, nearly dying of heatstroke, hauling water up a hill.

     As I then brought up the next week in front of city council, we were only able to survive that heat wave due to the efforts of concerned local activists who kept many people alive while the city seemingly focused on genocide of its houseless citizens. 

   We made several requests to the city in private, as well as in public –all of which went unanswered.  From our neighbors, however, and the citizens of Portland, we received an outpouring of support in the form of water and labor, hauling supplies up 300 or so feet of elevation. 

        A few days later, we discovered that an anonymous good samaritan had inconspicuously modified the gate at the roadway in a way that we could access it.  Inevitably though, somebody noticed that people were bringing up water and food to survive, and, unfortunately, there are people in the world that would rather see us die. They get upset if homeless people are not as miserable as they could be. It would appear that the city of Portland is in agreement with that opinion because the next day the road was no longer accessible, with brand new concrete blocks placed to make it completely impassable. 

     As of now, I am laid out, unable to move, from carrying 15-20lbs for supplies up in a backpack. I have a terminal autoimmune encephalitis disorder which attacks my brain and spine. Tasks like this greatly accelerate my timeline till death. I must be here, out of the way, because it literally kills me to move all of my belongings. Here, no one can see the people who disgust them– homeless people– me. Yet out of sight is not enough. The idea we’re drinking water is too much to bear, and the city is brought in to murder us. 

     The heatwave letter was not the first. We have sent letters requesting access to a porta potty, I’d read on the website this was a service provided to campsites. The response was that we should walk 35 min to the nearest one. We’ve been using chemical toilets (similar to a porta potty). We had regular weekly dump runs to a dumping station, but this is no longer possible because the city is blocking access.

     If you would like to prove that you care in the slightest about houseless people then work with us on this. We need road access at least 5 days a week. We must bring in water: about 35 gallons every couple days; bring in food: depending on how many mouths there currently are to feed, at least twice a week; and have trash pickup: twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. 

      We are exactly what you keep advocating as a solution. We are a low to no impact sustainable community. We are self-governed, and people who have lived here have transitioned to better places. Here we have showers, we can wash clothes, and we have our own wi-fi network. All of this adds up to community. Community is what enables people to uplift one another. You talk in the city council of building precisely this while trying to kill the people who are doing what you want done. I do not understand. We are the only ones doing any maintenance. We’ve hauled out dozens of bags of trash, removed 1000s of used syringes, and properly disposed of them. We are a benefit to the community, housed or otherwise.

   Please reach out ASAP so we can begin working out some sort of solution and perhaps discuss why self-funded mutual aid community organizations are being stifled in their efforts to provide the very services the city of Portland claims to be providing through its own defunct, tax-funded programs. If we cannot reach an agreement which enables us to continue living our lives in the positive community which we have built, then I suppose we’ll have to go 


Bernard de Livaudais (pdxhrc)

Comrade Waffles (pdxhrc)

Signing In Support 

Published by Bernard

Member of the Houseless Radicals Collective of so-called Portland, OR. Anarchist, anti-fascist, houseless advocate, houseless by choice

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