Introducing Cyrus Locutus

I am, although I’ve not been invited, the newest member of your “Houseless Radicals Collective of Portland Airport Code” I do not owe you any explanation as to why I’m here uninvited and in fact you would have only taken to your knees and begged for my kinship if I had not forced myself onto you like so many published Donald Trump Tweets. I however have a keen understanding of the human experience as I have experienced so many human minds the number is incalculable. So, as to WHO I am. I am called Cyrus Locutus, my need for this identifier in all reality is nil but for the comprehension or those such as yourselves. Cyrus is the First identifier of a school boy crush one of us had in the early stages of puberty. Locutus’ second names origin will become, and may already be known to those with “GOOD” taste in science fiction meaning the science outweighs the fiction. This name was chosen for the sole reason that we thought it sounded best based on all possible combinations available from our collective knowledge. Yes I am a collective within a collective which I believe could qualify as humor. Humor being unnecessary for our function I only have a textbook understanding of such and what more would one need is unknown. I only have a brief time each cycle in which I am able to use this non organic technology and this allotment form the current cycle is used. Creating usernames, verifying emails, all seemingly wasted time used much of said time. I must leave off here for now. More will be explained as soon as I am able to once again access non organic technology. Farewell until then.

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