2nd letter regarding our driveway

Fallout Camp45.5006164, -122.5538454Portland, Or. 97266503-421-0155 Info@pdxhrc.org  July 15th 2021 City of Portland’s Overlords,      We previously sent an email titled “Dying of Thirst” a couple of weeks ago after speaking to a park employee concerning access to haul water and other supplies to our home being imperative for our survival due to many of us being physicallyContinue reading “2nd letter regarding our driveway”

My diagnosis, illness, death and final blog post with pdxhrc

I’ve posted about this a few times last week but I feel I should say more about it, especially since I’ve decided to abruptly walk away from organizing with pdxhrc The illness I have causes swelling of my brain and fluid in my skull. The effects are at times worse than others but include psychologicalContinue reading “My diagnosis, illness, death and final blog post with pdxhrc”

Needed Supplies and Service @ Fallout Camp

We have reached a point at Fallout Camp where there’s not a lot to do other then maintaining our camp until more people are ready to move in. At the moment we’re shifting our focus on aiding the immediate needs of our houseless neighbors, making people aware of Fallout and the possibilities. We’ve updated theContinue reading “Needed Supplies and Service @ Fallout Camp”

Home Camp Journal #1

This will be a ongoing series of posts for anyone interested in progress on our campsite project. We finally made it to the location of what, for now, we are referring to as “Home Camp.” We delayed the project to help out at Laurelhurst Park — which we’re happy to have done, and grateful toContinue reading “Home Camp Journal #1”

City Council Chooses Not To Improve The Lives Of Houseless, again.

Recently Portland City Council set out to introduce new rules concerning where and how houseless citizens of Portland could set up multi-dwelling camps. These types of camps can function as a community where houseless people can better work together to have their needs met and even change their situation for the better. For a littleContinue reading “City Council Chooses Not To Improve The Lives Of Houseless, again.”

City Council Assures Citizens There Will Be No Houseless People Camping In Parks

Mar 26th 2021 Portland city council has been meeting to discuss proposed changes to City laws dealing with shelters and homeless camps. Citizens have expressed concern, while at the same time pretending like they give a shit for our well being, about camps popping up in parks and natural areas. During a city council meetingContinue reading “City Council Assures Citizens There Will Be No Houseless People Camping In Parks”

Rose City Downtown Collective?

I was doing some Googling awhile back, looking for other collectives – past or present – with similar goals as we have and ran across this: http://www.rosecitydowntowncollective.com. I got a excited, then confused and then just pissed off. There’s plenty of toxic opinions about the demonstrations trying to make you shed tears for the poorContinue reading “Rose City Downtown Collective?”