Potluck Every Sunday

Ever Sunday At Fallout Camp email for Location and Directions

Defend Laurelhurst Camp March 29th

There is a sweep of the camp on Oak & Cesar Chavez @ Laurelhurst Park for Tuesday the 30th. They can show up anytime they want that day. We will be staying the night or until is safe to leave. Please come to support your houseless sisters and brothers and defend them from state violence. We are assisting Stop The Sweeps PDX with this action.

—- Update Mar, 30th 12pm. They didn’t manage to successfully sweep the camp. They didn’t even try because they knew people were waiting. This will be ongoing as they will show up as soon as they know we’re gone. Bodies are still needed to occupy in shifts going forward. Hit us or stopthesweepspdx up for info or just show up. Bring camping gear if you’re staying overnight and be prepared for possible confrontation w/police. If your not able to confront police then you can help by spreading the word or documenting if something does happen. Thanks.

‐—- Update Apr 2ndthis action is still ongoing and we can use your support. Martini Bloc will open the martini bar at 6pm located at our tent for mutual aid dirty martinis

—-Update Apr 3rd The Laurelhurst defense is still on going. Some comrades from LA showed up today to camp with us for awhile.

—- Update Apr 4th Its been quiet all weekend but that may change starting tomorrow. The City is NOT going to allow us to resist forever. The more bodies here when they decide to sweep the better. Showing numbers shows not just the city, but everyone else in the community, that there’s a lot of folks who will not stand for the mistreatment of anyone especially our more vulnerable populations.

—- Update Apr 13th We spent two weeks camped with our friends at Laurelhurst Park. I use the word friends in the most genuine sense. There are some great human beings who deserve better from their neighbors and city. They are safe for now from the city as the council agreed not to sweep without posting another 72hr notice. Because of that and some incidents with chuds we decided everyone would be safer if we left for awhile. We’re at Home Camp doing some work but if needed we will head back.

Autonomous Demonstration April 9th, Brooklyn Park in so-called Portland, OR

Come out in support of homeless comrades being unjustly forced from their homes at the behest of capitalist land/bussiness owners. Black bloc recommend.

A Movement of the Evicted: Town Hall on House less remnant Struggles April 10, 2021

A panel of organizers from across the country discussing issues faced by the houseless. Bernard from PDXHRC will be speaking as well as someone from Stop The Sweeps PDX. Facebook noon PDT