Mutual Aid Needed & Offered

The first list here are things we can use now or we know someone else who does. The second are things for our camp building that will be needed but we can’t store untils they are needed. Also we may be able to point things to where they are needed even if we don’t right now.

  1. Camp kitchen supplies / Food. Its just a handfull of Collective members at home camp right now getting work done. We can only store a couple days worth at a time and working it out to where we can get stuff dropped every few day would be great. Hit us up to work something out if avaliable.
  2. Harm reduction supply = new insulin syringes alcohol pads etc.
  3. A solution for fresh water storage at camp and a comrade(s) with knowledge in this area.
  4. Composting or Chemical toilet(s). Need someone with knolege in this area.
  5. Garbage bins
  6. Comrades with transportation to assist with moving items to camp, and traveling to other camps.
  7. Batteries, solar/gas/propane generators. We actually have a gasoline generator now, more Solar is always better though,
  8. Your knowledge and or labor that may be relevant.
  9. Of course cash donations are easiest and go the furthest. Cash app $radicalcamping We understand times are tough right now though.
  10. An address to receive mail and packages and storage. Have one were useing but more options are better.
  11. Some kind of laptop. Web design via cell phone is not ideal.
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tents

Cash donations are spent only on expenses that benefit those outside of our collective. That can sometimes mean feeding ourselves or transportation, but for the most part we all have our own sources of income and live communaly.

We have a fund from donations and whatever each of us can contribute. If you need mutual aid hit us up and we will contribute what we can. We can order items online it’s generally cheaper. Cash aid is more limited but can be done. Our funds fluctuate but we’ll do our best.

If you want to help us with any of these things or something else. Or if we can offer you aid of any kind contact us below.

We are a leaderless leftist anti fascist collective. We stand in solidarity with people worldwide fighting for equality, social justice, green initiatives, anti fascism, anti imperialism/land back, and the struggle for a rulerless classless borderless socialist society.