What We’re Doing

Build and Defend a Communal Campsite

Wherever houseless people attempt to put down roots underlaying class discrimination and fear come to the surface. This forces us into a position where we either must hide or stay consistently on the move. Neither of these do us anything besides harm. There have been efforts led from within in the past to fight for the right to form a community with some success. In the end however unfair compromises with authorities have castrated these efforts. We are building a new urban camping community and occupying public land. Our goal is to create a place where we can live free from harassment and discrimination and defend ourselves when faced with any. Through the principles of mutual aid we are planning and building systems in our community that will help us achieve a higher standard of living than we have as a result of constantly being harrased and swept by authorities. We are networking with mutual aid networks and other individual radicals, to find solutions for human waste/trash disposal and many others areas that will ensure our safety and self defense. We are not asking government for permission or support. We only ask for the opertunity to help ourselves without attack from classiest, racist and imperialist adjitators.

Radicalize – Collectivize – Unionize

An important tool we could use to better our lives and the community is to form collectives. If small collective groups of us figure out what’s important to us taking issues to a larger union. Representatives from the union can better have those issues addressed that any of us alone. Not always but sometimes people may need to change their outlook for this to function. Radicalize sounds bad to some. But these are radical ideas for houseless people even though a union isn’t that radical an idea normally. This can also provide a means for us to defend one another.